Rechtzaak Protopappa in 2005 m.b.t. Bio-Alcamid tegen zijn eigen broer.


The company

Polymekon started as a family affair. Two brothers – Carmelo, the scientist and Biagio, the businessman – who were responsible for bringing Bio-Alcamid worldwide ran it.

Xtra contacted Carmelo Protopapa to ask about his experience with Bio-Alcamid. He, too, highlighted the great work that can be done with Bio-Alcamid.

“My wife has it, and mother has it,” Protopapa says. “They don’t have any problems.”

But, it seems, he was also one of the first to recognize the problems associated with the product.

Protopapa filed a lawsuit against Polymekon in 2005, after issuing several warnings about Bio-Alcamid that were ultimately ignored. “I filed legal proceedings to stop everything,” he says. “I lost.”
this is important, one of the two brothers who started the company in Italy, was suing his own company and he lost!!!

Protopapa spent months lobbying his brother, the CEO, to issue a warning to doctors. Bio-Alcamid, he said, couldn’t form a protective capsule around itself if it were too spread out across the face – and that would leave it open to infection. The executives weren’t interested.

“They only think of the money,” Protopapa says.

again one of the brothers that started the company in Italy actual states that the purpose for these experiments was for money.

Bio-Alcamid is still being used, especially in parts of Asia, and has almost no complications. That, says Protopapa, is because the risk was finally recognized and Bio-Alcamid is now being used only for small plastic surgery procedures. They should have recognized that in 2005, he says, rather than keeping quiet about the side effects.

He explained some of these problems to one Canadian plastic surgeon who worked extensively with Polymekon. “He explained to me that it wasn’t important to remove it, because [Bio-Alcamid] doesn’t have any complications,” he says. “That wasn’t a smart answer.”

Protopapa says Polymekon was more than ready to cover the cost of removing Bio-Alcamid, but only if it could be proved that its malfunctioning was due to a manufacturing error. That’s no easy task. That deal was struck with several AIDS groups, and it appears that no Canadian patients ever had recourse to take that option.

Protopapa says he regrets finding out about the problems so late.

“I should have stopped before,” he says.
they did know, there were many previous studies the results of which they ignored. There were 30 years of trials and failures and publications. This was simply a get rich scheme from a community that was already struggling with life, and any promise of some small benefit was like holding a candy in front of a baby.

Wanneer het waar is dat Protopapa een rechtszaak tegen zijn eigen broer is aangespannen, moet dit toch ergens te vinden zijn zodat wij er iets mee kunnen doen?

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